Mabrouk Boudaga, President of Iraq Chapter

Born in Tunisia in November 1969, he grew up with a special admiration for the great leader and former President Habib Bourguiba, especially his enthusiasm for a modern and secular Tunisia. While studying at Tunis Law School, he was actively involved in various freedom and human rights organizations. In 1996 he moved to Paris, France, for his post-graduate studies in international law. In July-August of the same year, he attended The Hague International Law Academy, Public International Law session. Later, in December 1998, he received, with honors, his Masters of Art in International Economic Law from Rene-Descartes Paris V University.

He has been a member of the Tunisian Bar Association since May 2000 and has accomplished his training between Tunis and Paris. He was also a very active member of the Arab Young Lawyers Association. In September 2001, he relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he worked as a legal consultant and taught Business Law, during three years. Finally, he moved to the United States of America, in December 2004, to join his wife and in-laws in Dallas, Texas.

In May 2005, he co-founded "BELNOVA International, Inc.", which specializes in translation and educational services. He visited more than 30 countries and is fluent (professional level) in both Arabic and French. He also has a fair knowledge of Spanish, since he studied two years in Cervantes Institute in Tunis. Known also as Adel, Mabrouk has been married to Huda, an American-Libyan citizen, since April 2002.

Mabrouk is convinced that supporting a moderate, secular and humanistic Islam, based on peace, tolerance and secularism is, nowadays compulsory for Muslims; it is even the only way for them to keep their religion respected and well received by others.