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February 29, 2020 More Israelis, Palestinians support the 'one-state' solution

Historiclly, 28% of Palestinians supported the idea of a single-state solution, but that number skyrocketed to 37% after Trump's peace plan.

January 5, 2020 Israeli, Jewish, and Raising My Kids in Ramallah

After a year in the U.S., we brought the family home to Ramallah. The children and I landed in Israel and drove through roads littered with checkpoints, while Osama, my partner, had to fly in through Jordan

January 5, 2020 Israel's Iran Dilemma: Getting Trump to Act Without Putting Israel on the Front Line

Even if Trump's instinct tells him it's best to avoid war with Iran, no one can be certain of his intentions - not even Netanyahu

January 4, 2020 Pat Buchanan: "Israel Wants The U.S. To Fight A War With Iran"

"I don't want my country getting into another war," Buchanan said about Israel push's for war. "The reason Iran doesn't have a bomb is because they don't want it. They could have built a bomb."