M. Sami El-Behiri, President of Florida Chapter

  • Born and raised in Cairo Egypt
  • Moved to the USA July 1989
  • Vice President for Operation at an Engineering / Construction firm in Florida
  • Writes a weekly column in the Arabic Liberal / Pro-Freedom newspaper www.elaph.com which is the most popular Arabic newspaper online (2.6 million hits/day).
  • Working on two books one in Arabic (suggested title: Why I admire American Civilization), and another book in English together with Lee Smith (Suggested Title: An American Pharaoh)
  • One of the Cairo's Forum of Nagieb Mahfouz (Nobel Prize Laureate for Literature 1988) since 1974.
  • Pro-Freedom, believes that freedom is essential to fighting: Extremism, Corruption, Radicalism, Fanatics, and Terrorism.
  • Believes that the main problem is the Middle East is corruption and extremism.
  • Believes that the Islamic religion and Arabic Culture has been kidnapped by Fanatics, Radicals, and Terrorists. Arab Moderates, Liberals, and pro-freedom Arabs and Muslims have an obligation towards the world to get back the religion and the culture.