M. Shahidul Islam

Professional Experience

Icube Capital, LLC, Ramsey, Minnesota, May 2000-Present.
Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for selecting and managing capital appreciation fund.
  • Also Icube is a licensed mortgage broker in Minnesota. Responsible for overseeing planning and developing business, keep contact with various lenders, helping loan officers to decide the best product for a client, communicating with various lead generating sources to get new business.

University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota Fall 1997- Present
Adjunct Faculty

Responsible for teaching Masters of Business Administration classes in Finance
  • Courses include: Corporate Finance, Financial derivatives, Portfolio Management.

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Spring 1998- Spring 2000
Adjunct Faculty

Responsible for teaching undergraduate classes in Economics, Computer, and Mathematics.
  • Courses include: Micro, and Macro Economics, C, C++, Mathematics.

Metropolitan State University Fall 1997- Spring 2000
Adjunct Faculty

Responsible for teaching undergraduate classes in Finance.
  • Courses include: Financial Management, Portfolio Management.

Academy Education center, Bloomington April 1997 ? December 1998

Responsible for teaching computer classes
  • Courses include: C, C++, and COBOL.

Metris Companies, Minneapolis, Minnesota February 1996 ? December 1996
Risk Analyst

Responsible for tracking daily and monthly losses, and forecasting future losses to enable executives to make corrective measures. Developed a model to determine what amount of payment is needed to reach a desired loss rate. This model helps the company to set collection goals, and utilize resources efficiently.

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1988- 1995

Responsible for teaching upper division classes in Finance and Economics.
  • Courses include: Micro, and Macro Economics, Money and Banking.

Experience Highlights

  • Successfully developed models for sales forecasting, selecting optimal portfolios, and optimal hedging using options and future.
  • Computer skills include experience in FORTRAN, C, C++, UNIX,WINDOWS.
  • Experienced in handling large databases of stock market information including Center for Research of Security Prices (CRSP), Compustat, TC 2000.
  • Successful teaching experience in the areas of Finance and Economics including development and implementation of related curricula and teaching aids.


  • Developed and refined an investment model over last two years that produced a growth of two thousand percent.
  • Analyzed 550 companies for a period of 252 months, to ascertain whether the measurement ?beta? is a sufficient measurement for risk of a company. The conclusion is that ?beta? must be complemented by some other measurement that takes into account the possibility of very poor outcome like bankruptcy.
  • Supervised a student, who was writing his undergraduate paper. The paper examined how well various options pricing models work, with real life data.
  • Analyst and designer of an interactive computerized inventory model for Donaldson Company, Bloomington, Minnesota (winter 1987). This model minimized cost by choosing optimal order based on variables such as price discount, transportation by weight or truckload, warehouse cleaning, and inventory level.

Personal Strength

  • Strong quantitative and computer skill.
  • Strong economics and finance skill.
  • Solid communication and interpersonal skill.
  • Positive attitude and professional work ethic.
  • Eagerly accepts new challenges.

Academic Credentials

  • University of Minnesota, Department of Economics, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Ph.D (ABD)
    Financial Economics
  • University of Minnesota, Department of Economics, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Master of Arts, 1996
    Financial Economics
  • Carlson school of Management, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Masters of Business Administration, 1988
    Major Emphasis: Finance
  • Institute Of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Masters of Business Administration, 1984
    Major Emphasis: Quantitative Analysis
  • University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Bachelor of Arts, 1982.