Arab Revolution moves to Israel and London

Arab Revolution moves to Israel and London

Kamal Nawash

By now everyone has heard of the Arab Spring. This is a phenomenon where Arabs have felt empowered to question the authority of their governments which has resulted in the removal of four long time presidents from power and one more on the way.

Soon after the demonstrations began in the Arab countries, analysts began asking whether the demonstrations will spread to Israel. However, the analysts were not talking about Jewish Israel they were instead talking about the Palestinian occupied territories of Israel. As it turned out, the Arab Spring has spread but not to Palestine. To everyone's surprise, the demonstrations have spread to Jewish Israel in what is increasingly being called the "Jewish Summer." Amazingly, Jewish Israelis were inspired by their Arab Neighbors in Egypt, Syria, Tunis, Libya and Yemen.

Ironically, the demonstrations in Israel have received zero coverage in the United States which is unbelievable considering that the size of the demonstrations are larger than demonstrations in every Arab country except for Egypt. Recently, more than 300,000 people took to the streets to protest under the banner, "The people demand social justice." As in the Arab countries, what started as a demand for economic and social justice evolved into a call for the fall of the leader, in Israel's case the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The following is a video of one the large demonstrations in which Israelis credit their inspiration to the demonstrations in the Arab countries. As in the Arab countries, the government of Israel has already begun making concessions to the people but the people continue to demonstrate.

The recent changes in the Middle-East have been covered in detail all over the world. However, authoritarian regimes such as in China are doing all they can to prevent their people from learning about the Arab Spring, fearing that "people power" may spread to their countries.

The question that many are asking now, is could the uprisings in the Middle East lead to a fundamental change in the relationship between citizens and governments all over the world? One can only wonder how the Arab Spring will impact the West. Already, there are many reports that the demonstrations in London were inspired by the Arab Spring. Many citizens in the West feel that their governments do not listen to them. This is an often repeated complaint by members of the Tea Party. Most recently, a Tea Party activist on CNN called for mass demonstrations like the ones in Egypt.

As to Israel and the Arabs, some Israeli and Palestinian bloggers have suggested that the people bypass their governments, who have been unable to make a peace, and deal with each other directly. The Free Muslims Coalition has been impressed with the empathy Arabs and Israelis have shown for each other during these demonstrations. After posting a video of Israelis demonstrating,, many Muslims and Arabs wrote expressing solidarity with Israelis. Similarly, many Israelis and Jews have expressed support for Arabs in Egypt, Libya and beyond.

These developments have lead to cautious optimism between Palestinians and Israelis. The number of social media sites where Israelis and Palestinians interact is increasing exponentially. The Free Muslims Coalition has always believed that direct contact between Israelis and Palestinians would help both sides humanize each other. We share in the belief that Israel must allow Israelis and Palestinians to interact by traveling freely between each other's cities and towns. Segregation will cause more problems in the long run than the any short term benefit.

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Posted August 09, 2011 by Kamal Nawash | 99 Comments


this is alberto gorin
1 person 1 personal opnion
i post this in the u.s stil liberty and freedom as here in netherlands.
other responds don t know

arab spring as i listen to middel eqast radio forum are radical muslim brother hood egypt muslim brother took over.there is no news on that.
either on regime of iran slaughter there own people

lets take this occupied territories
lets imnagen they are.and see in gaza
would you give more.
i don t
be same if some poster post here evry
evry time put you down curce you
you do not grant more respond.

than palestine
hamas islamic jihad liberation front
al qada hezbolah.can t be a country
if there is one there tamil tigerland

maby this arab spring has some parts in it for liberty freedom
like in indonesia.1 indonesian muslim
motorola zine went to israel

am tired of arabs am tired of what they do also bahrein car forum and one guy am your friend support suicide bompers
in israel.i might bad maby am evill
let this arab spring go one and one and one.until there is no kill a jew go to heaven and jihad sharia law take over worlds.

Posted August 10, 2011 by alberto gorin

This one hour video should be required viewing in every HS class in the world. The lecturer, Jacques Gauthier, PhD is among the world's most competent experts in International Law, per-se, and especially so as a study about the Israel/Arab conflict.
"We are not trespassers; not occupiers, not there wrongfully . . . Jews are there as of right"

Posted August 10, 2011 by Trollstein

Mr. Nawash

Your analysis is the best thing in cyberspace. Thank you for send me this article

Posted August 10, 2011 by Anonymous

Yes, I think to some degree the Arab Spring has influenced the London rioters. They learned that if enough people create trouble in the streets the authorities find it very difficult to respond.

There is no other similarity with the Arab Spring. There are no legitimate grievances in a country where the authorities lean over backwards to help the (culturally) disadvantaged people making up most - but not all - of the opportunistic looters and rioters.

If anything, it is the very liberalism of the country they live in, and the (probably excessive) respect for the human rights of the rioters that inadvertently encouraged the rioting.

Posted August 10, 2011 by Alan

Gidi Meir Morris, Israeli Zionist, who loves Israel to ...
Israeli Zionist, who loves Israel to death, but hates things that the state does in his name.
They are completely different.
The protests which have been part of the Arab Spring are an outcry by a population against self crowned dictators who, they feel, have been taking advantage of them and have not provided them with the freedom they feel they deserve.

On the other hand, the Israeli protests, are about the inadequate service that the people of Israel feel that they are being provided by their democratically elected government.
These have more in common with the Student riots in London or the recent riots in Greece, than with the Arab riots.

It would also be worth noting that unlike both the Arab and the European riots - the Israeli protest have not deteriorated to violence (other than a handful of cases where just a few people forgot their place) and these goes to show that this is not "a people rising up" but rather a normal democratic protest which just happens to have reached unusual proportions.

Posted August 10, 2011 by rocketman21

I'll make sure to send out the updated version, to include Iranians, Tea Party, et al

Someone on Fox was commenting yesterday that President Obama is drunk on power, which is enabling decision-making that ultimately harms Americans, like we are currently seeing in market volatility. Hence, the original dawn of the Tea Party.

Given your reflection on the number of uprisings, there is a chronic condition among governments internationally who fail to respect their constituents and make decisions based on political, monetary, material, programmatic, or other gains. For example, Wall Street financiers plus members of congress like Dennis Kucinich sooner go to Syria to meet with the Syrian regime, than even begin to see the value of the opposition towards market futures. Just the other day the Iranians were saying the Iranian rial was $14 to the US dollar during the Shah; now it is $0.11 to the dollar. If the rial could rise to dollar-to-dollar in a liberated Persian market, then the US could have a true economic ally again. It does take free markets and free people to take back our countries, and the quest for international unity is very much alive.

I don't know many Israelis, but there is one our age who works for Israeli security firms and earned an award for single-handedly taking down 12 members of Hizbollah in Lebanon after his troop was knocked down by the terrorists. He has been telling me that the Israelis have been watching the uprisings since 2009, had some demos, but have been waiting for Obama to stand for the peoples before they take action. That there is an underground movement of those who seek change and less aggression by the Israeli government, but it, too lacks organizational leadership.

Posted August 11, 2011 by velma

The Israelis have been demonstrating, not in the same number, forever about everything. No doubt they, like the Arabs, are focusing on their internal problems which is good. They may conclude that their regime is going in the wrong direction. The Israelis are encouraged by the fact that the Arabs are not blaming anyone, but themselves for their regimes' and societies' colossal failures. The Middle East will never be the same. Wait until the Iranians come aboard.

Posted August 11, 2011 by Ali

Thanks Kamal... Curious as to why the U.S. media doesn't show the protests in Israel. Just one more piece of evidence proving the power the Jews have in this country.

Posted August 11, 2011 by Richard

Dear Kamal Nawash

Your letter is very re;evant to events worldwide; please watch,

Cheers, Andrew

Posted August 11, 2011 by Andrew

Thanks for tjhe very troubling article re the "Arab
Spring." It is a dangerous virus. And look what it has
done in most of tjhe Middle East. Except one leader who
will fight until all his citizens have been slain by his troops.

The British criminally inclined youth should all be harshly
treated. It is hard to visualize the country without its royalty.
Yet as a child my books showed a world map with a huge
amount of pink depicting the vast holdings of the UK. More
than half a century later the world shows much less "pink."
And many more nations...

Many years ago we visited Norway, a sweet little country
with far less in resources than Denmark and Sweden. Yet
in mid summer the Arab spring has sprung there in the form
of a demented youth. I have read very littl;e about his back-
ground. Was he high on drugs? Demented? Rejected in
love? or what?

Please give me your personal take on our world as you
see it through your sunglasses.

Most sincerely,

Posted August 12, 2011 by Gwen

Similarly, many Israelis and Jews have expressed support for Arabs in Egypt, Libya and beyond...

Posted October 19, 2012 by Mail Forwarding London

As in the Arab countries, what started as a demand for economic and social justice evolved into a call for the fall of the leader, in Israel's case the removal of Prime Minister .

Posted October 22, 2012 by customer service cover letter

like the ones in Egypt.

Posted October 23, 2012 by cafe tables HC Commercial

First off with Egypt, no more Mubarak to enforce border closings and bow down to Israel's every will. Now there's a democratic power that will abide by the will of the people (which is, obviously, anti-Israel).
Wasn't today a preview of that? Arabs in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan protested along the border of Israel to commemorate "Nakba Day" and demand the Palestinian right to return.
When the revolutions are over and Arabs have developed strong democracies, dont you think it will result in an end to the jewish state?
what would happen if milllions of arabs just walked to jerusalem and demanded the palestianian right to return? what would happen then? 4 million jews vs. 20 million arabs?

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