Our Positions

  • Democracy

    FMC cautions the West not to try to impose Western democracy in the Middle East. The best form of government is the form of government that keeps the peace in a given society.

  • Don't Blame the Jews or Palestinians

    Another disturbing trend that is propagated by extremists and accepted by many naive Jews and Muslims is the blaming of all Muslim problems on Israel or the Jews and all Jewish problems on Palestinians or Muslims. There are numerous examples for this but most recently Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Blamed the Holocaust on Palestinians and some Muslims continue to blame 911 on a Jewish conspiracy.

  • Economic Development

    The Free Muslims wants to integrate the community as a whole into the global market in order to improve people's standard of living and reduce the number of people who sympathize with extremism and terrorism because of their inability to gain a minimum level of prosperity.
  • Israel/Palestine--One-State v Two State Soluion

    No issue evokes the passion of Muslims and Arabs as much as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is so important to Arabs and Muslims that every political group from Morocco to Indonesia that seeks legitimacy and a following, places the "liberation" of Palestine at the forefront of their agenda.

  • Modern Islam

    The term "modern Islam" is a controversial term often stirring deep passions among Muslims.

  • Terrorism

    The Free Muslims believe that terror represents one of the most lethal threats to the stability of the civilized world. There is no room for terrorism in the modern world.

  • Women's Rights

    The Free Muslims Coalition strongly believes that equality for Muslim women is essential to the development of the Muslim world and to the defeat of extremism.