Proposal for ending the Palestinian/Israeli conflict--One-state Solution



Proposal for Ending the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict



By Kamal Nawash

This is a road map for creating a Union of Israel/Palestine. This plan allows Israelis and Palestinians to pursue a shared future based on a bi-national identity with a democracy that ensure security, equality and self-determination regardless of religion, gender, race or ethnicity.

Currently, there are approximately four (4) million Palestinians (Muslims and Christians) living in areas controlled by Israel (West-Bank and Gaza) who are deprived of Israeli citizenship. On the other hand, there are 550,000 Jews who live in the West Bank who are granted Israeli citizenship. These demographic statistics are at the core of the conflict. While Israel controls the borders of the West Bank and Gaza, the Palestinians living there have no rights in Israel and are unable to travel freely from their cities to Israeli cities while their Jewish neighbors are able to travel and have full rights in Israel. The Jews of the West Bank have full access to Israeli hospitals, universities, courts, public transportation while the Palestinians do not.


According to many Israeli scholars, the reason for the unequal treatment between Israelis and Palestinians is because Israel has a dilemma that it has been unable to solve from day one of its creation. Israel was created with the intention of being a Jewish state or a national home for the Jews. The problem with this goal is that Israel is not 100% Jewish. The dilemma for Israel is how to have a Jewish, democratic state with a substantial number of native Christians and Muslims in Israel and Palestine.


When Israel became an independent country, many Jews believed that the demographic dilemma was solved after a majority of the Palestinians in the new country of Israel either ran away or were kicked out of their homes.


The demographic dilemma reemerged 29 years after Israel was created when, as a result of the 1967 war, Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. The occupation of the West Bank and Gaza substantially increased the number of Christians and Muslims (Palestinians) under Israel's control. However, Israel refused to give citizenship or civil rights to the Palestinians in the newly occupied territories.


Currently, there are approximately six million Jews in Israel, four million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and 1.5 million Palestinians in Israel proper. Thus, there are 6 million Jews and 5.5 million Palestinians in Israel/Palestine.


Currently many Jews on the left and right believe that if Israel gave equality to Palestinians in the form of citizenship and political rights then Israel would cease to be a Jewish state. Consequently, Israel has isolated the Palestinians behind huge walls without freedom of movement and none of the civil rights and freedoms enjoyed by Israelis. Israel claims that the building of the wall was done for security reasons. Palestinians believe that the wall is nothing but a land grab because it was built on Palestinian land rather than Israeli land. Moreover, the Palestinians argue that during the first uprising (intifada), they did not use violence and Israel responded to their demonstrations with lethal weapons that killed thousands of Palestinians.

As to the security argument, the Palestinians argue that Israel does allow some Palestinians into Israel for the benefit of Israelis needing workers. Those Palestinians are checked and allowed in Israel at various checkpoints with no security risks to Israel. As to the rest of the Palestinians, under Israeli law, Palestinians are not allowed in Israel unless they have a special work or travel permit. Thus, Israel treats Palestine as if it is a foreign country but wants to exercise control over Palestine as if it is a province of Israel. This contradiction has driven Palestinians to seek statehood and independence from Israel.


Currently, the Palestinians claim that their situation under Israeli control is worse than the situation of blacks in the United States prior to the civil rights movement and even worse than blacks in apartheid South Africa. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has made the same argument. Palestinians point to the irony of how Jews treat them, considering that Jews have traditionally been leaders in global civil rights movements. American Jews were and continue to be leaders in demanding equality and justice for blacks in the United States. However, the same Jews who supported equality for blacks in the U.S. opposed equality for Palestinians. The Palestinians interpret this contradiction as being caused by the fear of the above mentioned demographic dilemma. Israelis respond by saying that they are a different nation from the Palestinians and have no obligation to allow Palestinians equality or freedom of movement in Israel. Palestinians respond that Israel cannot claim that they are a different nation since Israel controls the borders of Palestine and controls the movement of Palestinians.


Two State Solution

Over the last 30 years, the world has pursued the two state (two country) solution without much success. However, contrary to unanimous belief, neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis are to blame for the failure of the two state solution. The two state solution failed because the concept of creating two separate countries by dividing Israel/Palestine was and still is a difficult pill to swallow for Israelis and Palestinians. It is a fact that Israelis and Palestinians have religious, historical and emotional attachments to every square inch of the land that includes Israel and Palestine and neither side is eager to embrace permanent separation or "amputation" as described by Israeli novelist Amos Oz. Practically speaking, it should be obvious to anyone who takes an honest look at the map of Israel/Palestine that there is not enough room in such a small area to support two separate countries that are contiguous, and viable.


Currently, the Palestinian Authority is requesting an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza. The West Bank and Gaza are approximately 23% of the lands that Palestinians claim as original Palestine. For most of their recent history the Palestinians have wanted to return to all of Palestine which includes all of Israel. It was only in the 1980s that a significant number of Palestinians began asking for a state in the West Bank and Gaza. In fact, the split between Hamas and Fatah and between Fatah and other branches of the PLO is precisely over this point. Hamas and other branches of the PLO reject the notion of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.


Not surprisingly, the leaders of Israel have also rejected the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. They argue that withdrawing from the West Bank and Gaza would leave Israel vulnerable while others argue that the West Bank and Gaza are integral parts of Israel and refer to the territories as Judea, Samaria and Azza. The attachment of many Jews to Israel/Palestine is so strong that many Jews claim that Jordan is Palestine and that Palestinians should move to Jordan.


The fact is most Israelis and Palestinians share in the belief that Israel/Palestine is indivisible. For many Palestinians, Palestine is not the West Bank and Gaza, it includes all of Israel. For many Israelis, Israel includes all of Palestine. And both claim Jerusalem. Thus, the two state solution requires compromises that neither side can ever make.


Increasingly, more and more Israelis and Palestinians are turning to the idea of a shared country in the form of a One-State Solution, Federation, confederation or a European style Union. The Authors of this article have also concluded that the way forward is for a shared future rather than separation. This article outlines a roadmap for Palestinians and Israelis to share Israel/Palestine in light of their goals, aspirations and fears.






The Roadmap envisions one country designed as federation of two States, Israel and Palestine, where each State contributes 50% to the federal parliament regardless of population.


This road map envisions two people sharing one united country where each side is guaranteed equality, freedom, civil rights and security. The reference to "States" is not to two independent countries but rather two partially sovereign entities similar to New York and New Jersey linked together to form one country similar to the United States of America.



The road map envisions several tiers of government: federal, State, municipal, and autonomous districts with municipal powers. The federal government will have limited powers that are given to it by the constitution.



The ideal and preferred solution is not to have boundaries and in many instances the roadmap envisions a future with no boundaries. However, practical administration of a modern federation may require legal or administrative boundaries without physical barriers. Among the purposes of administrative borders is for simplicity in determining the reach of the State government and to give people the psychological satisfaction and security that comes from being a resident of a state of similarly situated people. The boundaries will not be apparent and the number of Parliamentarians who represent a State in the federal parliament will not be based on the number of people living in each State. Instead, parliament will be divided 50/50 regardless of population.



To illustrate, Israel and Palestine will each contribute 50% to the federal parliament regardless of which State Jews and Palestinians choose to live. Jewish settlers will be represented in the federal government by the 50% allocated for Jews and Arab Israelis will be represented by the 50% allocated for Palestinians.



The 50/50 split will never change. The purpose of the 50/50 split is to provide each side with security, equality and to make certain that the legislature will only pass legislation that benefits the entire country and not just one group.




As to voting for federal candidates, Israelis living in Palestine or Palestinians living in Israel shall be able to vote for the Federal candidates who represent their district regardless of religion. For example, Jewish settlers living in Palestine may vote for the Palestinian candidates who represent their districts in the federal parliament and Palestinians living in the State of Israel may have the right to vote for the candidate that represents their district regardless of his or her religion. However, the parliament shall always be 50% Jewish and 50% Palestinian.



The administrative borders may be based on the location of the people. Cities that are majority Jews may go to Israel and cities that are majority Palestinian may go to Palestine. The same may apply for federal voting districts. If there is no agreement on the administrative boundaries, the administrative boundaries may be based on the 1967 lines. Regardless, an agreement on boundaries should be easy since there is free movement of people and no permanent separation or exclusion from any jurisdiction.



To illustrate further, if the Boundaries are not based on 1967 boundaries, Israel and Palestine may agree to adjust the state boundaries based on local referenda. For example, the Jewish neighborhood of Gilo is in the West bank and by default will fall within the boundaries of the Palestinian State. Similarly, the town of Abu Ghosh is a Palestinian Israeli town and currently falls within the boundaries of Israel. The residents of either town could vote to be included within the other state, which vote would require a 65% or more percentage of eligible voters in favor to pass. Regardless of the legal boundaries, the formation of the federation is such that the boundaries are of no visible significance for the free movement of people or labor. There will be no physical barriers or check points. The boundaries are only relevant for choosing parliamentarians for the State government and determining the application and reach of State law.





The federal government shall be divided 50/50. The federal government will have specific authority that is given to it by the constitution. It will not interfere with State or municipal governments but will guarantee certain fundamental rights for all people. Where there is a contradiction between federal and State law, federal law must be supreme.



As to municipal elections, the allocation of seats will be done on a system of one man one vote. There will be no limits on the number of any community in municipal parliaments. However, municipalities or districts may be created or designed around specific community concentrations. For example, Jews who live in Bethlehem or Palestinians who live in Tel Aviv shall have the right to vote and run for municipal elections. Moreover, community concentrations such as the Har Homa Jewish settlement which falls within the municipalities of Bethlehem and Beit Sahour may become its own municipality since it is large in size and 100% Jewish. In other words, it will be allowed to run itself. The same rule may apply to large concentrations of Palestinians within Israeli municipalities. Most importantly, neither municipality nor state government may discriminate against residents based on religion, ethnicity or gender. They must provide all residents with equal services. The federal government shall have the authority to enforce anti-discrimination laws.

President or Prime Minster

The President or the Prime Minister may be elected by the popular vote of the entire country or by the parliament. However, having the parliament make the selection maybe more appropriate because 50/50 parliament is more likely to produce a leader who will strive to serve all the people rather than just his community. While electing leaders by popular vote may cause discomfort and insecurity to the minority community.




Jerusalem shall be the Capital of the federation and there shall be no restrictions on the number of people who travel, visit or reside in Jerusalem.





There may be municipal police, State police, federal police, a national guard and a federal military.



The federal police will have specific federal jurisdiction and will enforce laws that are within the jurisdiction of the federal government. The federal government will recruit and train federal police from both communities, preferably in equally numbers.



There shall be State police and municipal police. The jurisdiction of the State police shall have general police powers and cover the entire State it belongs to and the municipal police shall have general police powers but limited to the municipality and subject to State restrictions.


Federal Military and State National Guard



The ideal situation will be for the federation to have one federal military. However, in light of decades of hostilities, the individual communities may want a State military guard for the State to feel secure in the early years of the union.

Thus, Israel and Palestine will keep their existing armed forces and at the same time develop a joint federal military made up of Palestinians and Israelis.


For example, upon the creation of the union, the country of Israel may transfer most of its military to the State of Israel and call it the State National Guard. The same goes for Palestine. The National Guard may limit its membership to all Jews or all Palestinians depending on the State. The purpose of the State Guard is to provide real and psychological security to the States, especially in the early years of the union. As the years turn into decades and the States of Israel and Palestine begin to function as one country, the goal is for the State Guard to be less significant and the federal military to be the dominant military force.



Federal military

The Federal military should be made up of young new recruits, whereby the new recruits are developed into a professional army over the years and decades. To the extent possible, the federal government shall recruit military personnel on a one to one basis, with equal numbers of Palestinians and Jews.





The new country shall accept the return of all Jews and Palestinians from all over the world. However, it is understood that some citizens may feel uneasy with the sudden movement of a large number of people into their State.


Thus, while the basis of the new country is the free movement of labor and people, to reduce the fear from the sudden changes in demographics, a State may limit the number of people who migrate from one State to the other as permanent residents. However, the state cannot limit the number to less than 50,000 per year. The 50,000 limit shall NOT apply to labor or people traveling for anything other than permanent residency.


As to the right of return, both Jews and Palestinians shall have the right of return to the federation at any time. There shall be no limit on the number of Jews who return to Israel or Palestinians who return to Palestine. The new returnees shall also have the right to free movement and employment anywhere in the new country. However, each State shall have the right to insist that the new returnees first reside in their respective State for five years before residing in the other State as permanent residents. For example, a Palestinian who is a resident of the United States may want to return to Israel/Palestine. The family of that Palestinian may have originated from Haifa in 1948 which is in Israel. He shall have the right to return to Palestine at any time. He shall have the right to travel and stay in Haifa at any time. However, if he wants to reside in Haifa permanently, the State of Israel shall have the right to insist that he first reside in Palestine for five years before moving to Haifa as a permanent resident. The purpose of this reservation is to reduce the anxiety that certain people may have from sudden changes in demographics.





There shall be NO restrictions on interstate commerce within the federation. This means that the federation shall act as one economy in every respect. No State may favor its industry to the detriment of the industry of the other State. No State may restrict the flow of goods from the other State or tax goods from the other State differently than it taxes goods of its own State.



Israel/Palestine shall have the same currency, no tariffs and complete free trade. The early days of the national government or federation shall be to bring jobs and economic prosperity to both Israelis and Palestinians. This should be an easy task. A peaceful Israel and Palestine acting as one nation should be a gold mine the likes of which the world has never seen. A nation that is the birth place of western civilization and immensely revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims, religious tourism alone will guarantee a healthy economy in perpetuity.

However, the economy will have more than tourism to secure its prosperity. A nation of Palestinians and Israelis at peace with their neighbors shall have unlimited opportunities. The technical know-how of Israel, the available capital in the Arab world and a geography that is at the intersection of three continents can produce an economic power house that is second to none on a per capita basis.

Basic rights


The federation shall have the power to guarantee basic rights of all the citizens of the federation. For example, the federation may protect citizens from religious, racial or gender discrimination. No state may have the right to discriminate against a citizen of the federation because if his/her religion, race, national origin or the exercise of free speech.



Courts and state/federal law


The States shall have general governing powers to enact laws. The States may use religion as a basis for law in family matters or any other matter that the people of the State feel that religion plays a role. However, a State may not compel religion or religious based laws on any resident of the State. Each resident of each State shall have the right to opt out of religious based laws and rely on secular law by seeking the jurisdiction of the federal courts.


The federal courts shall have parallel jurisdiction to State courts but the federal courts shall only apply secular law which is the law of the federal government. The residents of the federation shall have the right to submit their legal matters to the State courts or the federal courts. For example, a Muslim who wants a divorce may apply to the State court which may apply Islamic law to determine her rights or obligations to her husband or children. However, if that Muslim woman may submit her dispute to the federal court which will decide the case based on secular law.


There shall be a committee on education reform to study the school curriculums of the States. The curriculum must encourage respect among the religions and among Israelis and Palestinians.


To help Palestinian refugees reverse the economic loss from being stateless, the federation shall at a minimum assist Palestinians by allowing all qualified students to get a college education at no cost and allow Palestinians to purchase housing with a 30 year, zero interest loan. Palestinians, whose land was confiscated after 1967 in the West Bank and Gaza, must be compensated using the current fair market value of the land.


Words of empathy and understanding

. To summarize, this roadmap requests the Palestinians to reach out to their Israeli and Jewish partners and say:

Palestinian to Israeli


"We understand why the state of Israel is important to you. We understand that the Jews - as a people- have a right to self-determination and to rule themselves under their own national institutions. We are fully aware of the persecution that Jews suffered throughout history and the necessity of having a safe haven for Jews. We mourn your losses, we are pained by your pain and we want a future with no losses and no pain due to this conflict. We recognize that because of desperation and self-defense, both sides committed atrocities that should never be repeated. We also understand that Jews have historical and religious ties to the land of Israel/Palestine. We believe that every Jew shall have the right to move to Israel and become a citizen immediately. We also welcome Jews to live with us in our cities, towns and villages. We want the Palestinians and Israelis to live together as neighbors, friends and countrymen. In return, what we want is freedom, liberty and equality for the Palestinians. Will you meet us half way?"

Israeli to Palestinian

The roadmap is also requesting Israelis and Jews to reach out to their Palestinians Partners and say: "We understand why Palestine is important to you and we understand that the Palestinians - as a people- have a right to self-determination and to rule themselves under their own national institutions. We are fully aware of the suffering the Palestinians have experienced over the last 100 years and the necessity of having a safe haven for Palestinians. We mourn your losses, we are pained by your pain and we want a future with no losses and no pain due to this conflict. We recognize that because of desperation and self-defense, both sides committed atrocities that should never be repeated. We also understand that Palestinians have historical and religious ties to the land of Israel/Palestine. We believe that every Palestinian shall have the right to move to Israel/Palestine and become a citizen immediately. We also welcome the Palestinians to visit and to reside in our cities, towns and villages. We want the Palestinians and Israelis to live together as neighbors, friends and countrymen. In return, we want permanent security, liberty, equality and total freedom for the Jewish people. Will you meet us half way?"


Task Force on Israel/Palestine

Posted August 27, 2011 by Kamal Nawash | 118 Comments


I do believe in a single state option but I also believe that a 50/50 split will lead to gridlock on certain issues particularly those which involve religious sites and issues and foreign relations. What do you purpose should happen when the nation is split along religous lines?
My second issue involves population growth and representation. If the population grows and one community should dramatically outgrow its neighbor...will this 50/50 split continue to statisfy the majority or the concensus.
I believe that alongside this 50/50 split there should be a council or assembly comprised of trusted leaders from each community. this body should only be used on such ocassions as ties (as discribed above) The council should not be made up of politicians, instead leading scholars, religous leaders, business leaders,scientists, intellectuals, and such ( the more varied their backgrounds and experience the better). I believe that such a body could settle disputes by realistically addressing these issues from a variety of perspectives. I also believe that because its delegates are not professional politicians they are less likely to conform to lobbying efforts.
Delegates should be elected from each community by general election. Their terms should be granted for life or as one time fixed terms ( a person can only hold one term per life time)removing them from the political pressures of re-election/ and or political appointment.

Posted August 28, 2011 by Brian

Perhaps we should start with two states. We'd grab a ride on the recognition of Palestinian state by the UN in September. The federation would be created through an international treaty between the State of Israel and this Palestinian pseudo-state on pre-1967 borders. But it is more advisable the cantonization of the whole territory of the mandate of Palestine. Not only the West Bank and Gaza Strip would have a confederative handling, but all the territory between the Jordan and the sea would be divided into small units with self-government and direct democracy mechanisms competent to address issues like the right of return of both arabs and jews and their respective official languages. This would bring greater uniformity in terms of territorial organization of this new bi-national federation. It would be a new territorial division wich would erase the current division between the Palestinian Territories and Israel proper. Build this binational state will be a difficult task. It Demands that both sides reach the conclusion that this is the only alternative. Because there is an asymmetry of power in favor of the Israelis who brings about some accommodation with the current situation. In addition, there are gradations between the Palestinians themselves. Those living in the occupied territories are in a worse situation than those who lives within Israel or abroad. This creates different views and disunity.

Posted August 28, 2011 by Alexandre Otvio Cavalcanti de Carvalho

How about the 1-state option of a Jewish state of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates and the Mediterranean to the Nile, with all Muslims resettled in the millions of square miles of Arab territory such as Jordan, with a wide DMZ all around Israel so it can spot attacks coming?

Posted August 28, 2011 by T.L. Winslow

Israel's concern about a one-state solution is understandable considering that they have seemingly suffered under one dictatorship after another from ancient Egypt to Nazi Germany. The beauty of this plan is that it assures them 50% representation in the Knesset (or Parliament) regardless of population size; just as in the United States Senate where a small population state such as Wyoming has just as much representation as a densely populated state such as California. In this way, the Israelis can rest assured that such things as slavery, deportation or a holocaust are no longer a threat.
I do think though that the term "one-state" causes them to shutter in fear of this. I would rather suggest the term "Two-State-One-Nation."
Over the years the Hebrew people have contributed heavily in the fields of medicine, computer technology, etc. while the Arabic population has led the way in developing both mathematics and science. Putting these two ingenious peoples together to work for the good of mankind only makes good sense.
Some years ago there was a popular song which went "There will never be any peace until God is seated at the conference table." Lets be humble enough to realize that giving God such an invitation and laying aside our prejudices against one another as well as our political aspirations is the only solution. Seeing the children of Abraham come together for peace can only be pleasing to God.

Posted August 28, 2011 by Howie Gardner

with all respect
2 state so call palestinens state can only be made or create if

hamas islamic jihad al qada fatach hezbolah muslim brother hood
jihad sharia law is gone

reason for check point fence
is 10 years suicide bomps
day in and day fence took place are rockets.
can t cut get a punsh other think thats okay
be same if i post a message i put down evry time kamal or freemuslims
on a point you denie this message

Posted September 08, 2011 by alberto gorin

You fellows mean well but fail to address the true nature of the conflict and thus, are incapable of solving it.
Probably the single biggest misnomer is the notion that Palestinian-Arabs are struggling for "self determination". This would only be true if the Arab nations had functioning stable, modern democracies with freedoms of speech and information. They have NONE of those things. If the M.E. Arabs of 1948, or, 1967, or, 1993 or 2000 or to this day got what they claimed they were struggling for, they would merely become oppressed pawns of some tyrannical and corrupt dictator. So the entire purpose for their struggle is mislabeled.
Jews, as a generality, just want to be left alone. To some people it may sound like racism, and there is some racism involved as there is in almost every other social environment but the notion of "Zionism" equating to "racism" is not only false, but the various Arab nations and peoples are likely more racist then most Jews. Why? Because Jews come in most every color and shade imaginable. And, Jews from places like Iraq and Yemen are often darker then Arabs from Jerusalem. Jews form parts of Africa are often darker then Desmond Tutu.
That said, here is my suggestion: It is in two parts. Without BOTH parts implemented neither part is viable.
1) The Palestinian-Arabs who are living as "refugees" in a variety of Arab nations, must be naturalized as citizens therein. Most all of them were born there and for some, their grandfathers were born there. It is the height of hypocrisy to assert that such people have no rights where they were born but have rights where their grandfathers might have been born. I say "might" because not all of the Arabs who were displaced in 1948 were actually born in Palestine. Until this is done, there can be no peace in the region because the assorted Arab national leaders are the ones preventing these people from remaining. The war (as we now know it) is really between them and Israel, with the actual Palestinian-Arab people as hapless pawns and the Israeli people as intended pawns. To further this end, the UN Security Council should resolve that such people are nationals of the nations where they were born. Without this element, it does not matter, two states, one state, three states, war will be the continued outcome.
2) The Palestinian Arabs (non-Israeli citizens) of WB and Gaza should unconditionally surrender (well, with one condition). That condition being that the Israelis be permitted (in fact obliged) to re engineer their political and economic systems. Before you say that this is outrageous or far-fetched, this is exactly what occurred after WW2 when Americans placed governors in Japan and reinvented their entire system of government,. What happened to Japan? They became the economic powerhouse of the entire world and went from a cigarette economy to making the best and most advanced products (in several categories) in a couple of decades. They almost took over the auto manufacturing business worldwide and very nearly collapsed the previously worldwide dominant Swiss watch making industry.
In summary, the Palestinian-Arabs should be looking at this entirely differently then they do. They are worried about "self determination" that they will never have by themselves, when they should be concentrating on self-improvement, economic development, educational advances, medical progress, and a COMFORT LEVEL for their day-to-day lives. The Israelis can provide these things. What the Israelis can not and will not do is permit the Arab power structure to turn their clocks backwards. Amen.

Posted September 09, 2011 by Trollstein

I wish I could believe you... but just as I don't understand how gays and lesbians could want to still be members of the Catholic Church, I can't understand how Muslim Moderates could still want to be Muslims, after condemning the jihad ordered by their fundamentalist faction.
God Bless You, My Fellow Human, Peace Be Upon You... and I urge you to reject any religion, philosophy, or worldview that rejects and condemns Free Enquiry.
Any religion that maintains that they are Ultimate Truth, to the exclusion of all others, will, always and forever, be the object of my skepticism.

Posted September 10, 2011 by Tux Guy

Unfortunately this is a self serving email that lacks accuracy.
I was in D.C. On September 11 among a group of Muslim and Arab leaders with an appointment to meet with President Bush. Obviously we were shocked and saddened at what happened. Of course we did not meet with President Bush. But by the afternoon, we sent out a press release condemning the act in the strongest language. The heads of these organizations were not necessarily the best of friends but came together on that day to do the press release and condemn the terrorist act.
This email is neither constructive nor accurate, only self serving. I have unsubscribed

Posted September 10, 2011 by Talat









Posted September 10, 2011 by Abu Tom

Hi Kamal,

Thank you for your inspiring message.

Please keep up the great work you are doing, and know that you are making a positive difference in the world.



Posted September 10, 2011 by Paul

A very powerful article Kamal, thank you for sharing!

Posted September 10, 2011 by Heba

Wondeerful idea, Kamal. I agreed with the principle and e pathway in the form of a Road Map. Perhaps you like to look at my proposal on a wider basis for a Levantine Union (similar to the EU) discussed in the discussions tab of my above website.
I wouild like to be partof tour discussions in the future.

Posted September 16, 2011 by Nick (Klaus) Veltjens

Dear Kamal,

While I disagree with your idea, thank you for proposing it. It is good you are thinking in a framework of peace and co-existence. We need more Muslims like you.

Posted September 19, 2011 by Adam

I applaud your efforts to bring peace to this area of the Meditterranean. The fear that I would have is that extremists from both side would receive the freedom to move to any place in the New Nation...and proceed to attack whom-so-ever they may choose. Until "extremists" are no-more in both Israel and plan what-so-ever is going to work. This would mean that present day Palestine and Israel would need to neutralize their "extremists" completely...before any union of the two Nations can be accomplished. If left in place then the extremists (on both sides) will simply tear the new combined Nation apart..again. I hope that I am wrong...but history is perhaps on my side.

Posted September 19, 2011 by Nelson Horton

Hey Kamal:
Thank you for your tireless & unwavering efforts towards creating peace in Palestine & Israel. I applaud you. I admire your. I love you brother. BUT, unfortunately, I do not think your plan can work. I feel that religious extremists on both sides would use their new found freedom of movement to destroy any coalition.
Israel is an extremely small country where at some points you can see with the naked eye from one end ( the Mediterranean Sea) to the other (the West Bank). It can be cut in half in a moment without strong security. Also, in the South, The proposed route from the West Bank into Gaza would slice right through Israel from one side to the other. How would you guard against that happening? How would you share Israel's nuclear bombs & facilities knowing Iran & Hamas's intentions? What about the disparity of their incomes?
Looking at the history of the world should make it plain to everyone that Jews need a country where they rule themselves. That's the whole point of why Israel was created! Without 51% or more of control, the Jewish State will quickly be dismantled.
I propose a land swap wherein Israel takes all the land in Gaza & just enough of the West Bank to secure it's safety for an inch for inch swap with land it holds south of the West Bank all the way to & including Eilat (which would be a big economic boon to the Palestinians). Jordan & Egypt should chip in land also as it would benefit them too. Western countries should smooth the transition with cash incentives that would be less in the long run than the military aid & armaments-at-the-ready we supply now. Then there would be two separate, secure countries for two separate, secure peoples.
Israel is a tiny percent of the millions of square miles Muslims already have to live & rule themselves in in any way they see fit. Allowing the Jews the same in their historical homeland would only be fair & just.
Please keep up your good works bringing about peace. That is the only key to finding a way. I am also sending a donation to help support your endeavors. Sincerely,

Posted September 20, 2011 by Allan


There are many ideas being thrown around. I think everyone should really take some time when coming to the final solution. It is clear that any separation of the people will result in just that, separation. I think that using the most blank model of democracy is the best route. It would be a malleable model for future generations to mold. Using a system that separates religion and state makes more than sense in that area of the world. A system that incorporates any religion will fail.

Posted September 30, 2011 by Michael W. Smith

A nice concept, but still leaning towards palestinian view and unworkable. The real issue is that children are taught in grade school in most arab countries, including the West Bank and Gaza, to demonize jews, and that all of Israel is "palestine" and jews should leave. Children are not born with hate. They learn it. And until that hate is replaced with compassion and acceptance, there will continue to be an uneasy peace or war.

Posted October 01, 2011 by Allen

The article doesnt take into account Israels needs - for instance, its misleading to say the wall was built to keep palestinians in an open air prison. The security wall was built after suicide bombers infiltrated into Israel and killed thousands of people. The wall was built to keep suicide bombers out of Israeli cities - not to wall up Palestinians. Misinformation and propaganda are counterproductive to peace efforts.

Posted October 02, 2011 by Allen

What a barfed up carrot and pea soup of ignorant comments.

Best of luck Kamal.

Posted October 08, 2011 by Yani

"" There is disagreement whether the war was defensive as Israel claims or an offensive land grab as Palestinians claim. Regardless, it is undisputed that Israel took control of Palestinian lands but refused to give Israel citizenship to the Palestinians.""

(PS if you are going to use letters and numbers in the verification code, Don't use 0/O)

This is the problem when Israeli Leftists join the Arab mainstream for a "joint solution".

There's no question it was a Defensive if pre-emptive war. Israel no knowing what to with said territories, having already traded most back for peace.

Israel BEGGED King Hussein not to enter the war, they had no beef with his moderate self.
But he heard [wrong] Israel was losing and entered on the Arab side.

Thus Israel won the WB from JORDAN, who had ANNEXED it in 1949. There was No palestine and still wouldn't be had Arabs won.

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