Aymen Zaben, President of New Jersey Chapter

Palestinian American, born and raised in New York. Aymen Zaben is currently pursuing his education in accounting. Over the years Aymen Zaben has realized how certain Islamic groups are misusing the name of Islam to justify horrific and tragic acts of Terrorism against innocent human beings. Aymen Zaben has been active in peace organizations, and launched several peace campaigns since 2003. Coming from a Palestinian Background Aymen know the value of Human life and suffering, so Aymen decided to enter the fight of not letting Terrorist organization blacken what is known to be a religion of Peace, and for that reason Aymen became inspired by the Free Muslims Organization launched by President Kamal Nawash.

Aymen Zaben believes that Terrorism should not only be fought on a global front but also from within. Muslim believers with Modern thinking and a better understanding of how the world revolves must stand up and make themselves heard loud and clear. The killing of innocent people has no justification regardless of faith, culture, or race.

Aymen Zaben has been active in the following organization:

  • Israeli Palestinian Confederation
  • ACLU
  • World Angels Online

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of terrorism has become mistakenly identified with Islam. Certain groups have claimed religious justification for terrorist acts, falsely blackening what is a religion of peace and justice. Suicide is not "martyrdom," and the killing of innocent people cannot rightly be considered jihad, which is best translated as "a righteous struggle to promote the faith.

Aymen Zaben refuses to allow Terrorists commit acts of Terrorism in his name, and for that reason will pursue his task as a Moderate Muslim and his fight against Terrorism.