Mohamed Amin Ahmed, President of Minnesota Chapter

I currently live in the twin cities portion of Minnesota. I am a Somali-American, and there are 25,000 Somalis in this area. I am also a student the University of Minnesota.

My goal is to set up a community liaison program between the U.S. and Somailia. I am in good standing with most of the community activists working within the twin cities having volunteered for them in their activities.

I believe strongly that to defeat the ideology of terror the solution will come from within us. Below is an outline of what I will do.

Reach out to the youth to have them Join in the effort to challang terrorist ideaolgy.

  1. To organize meetings with other organizations and community groupings to share ideas on how all of us can fight terrorism.
  2. To start a Muslim youth initiative to reach out to kids and to encourage them to join the war of wards against extermisim. Through the creation of literature and even short plays I want to approach these issues in ways that help the youth understand the eminent danger of terror.
  3. To set up a network to help the youth adopt a vary tolerant outlook. To promote secularism.