Amna R. Shirazi, President of Georgia Chapter

While in College, Amna Shirazi worked on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. for two summers and earned a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies/ Philosophy before enrolling at Georgia State University College of Law from where she earned her J.D. in the spring of 2000.

After working as an immigration attorney for two years, she opened her own law firm in Atlanta, Georgia in August of 2002. Ms. Shirazi has a full service law practice limited to the area of immigration law, which focuses on litigation issues, but also includes family immigration, political asylum, naturalization, citizenship, deportation, defense, waivers, and complex cases. In addition she has worked with and represented many Middle Eastern men in special registration and post-911 detention proceedings. Ms. Shirazi is an advocate at heart and works with the local Atlanta media and political body to bring a human face to the individual that is overlooked and often victimized by the overly harsh and severe immigration climate that exists today.

She is also a modern day Muslim that believes in a pluralistic and pacifistic existence. She has friends from all walks of life, religion, class and educational background. She believes in the general wellness and goodness of people and not in creating lines of separation amongst her fellow man. Ms. Shirazi is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and numerous litigation Bars.